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An Online Concealed Carry Class is a course that teaches you the state-required firearms safety or training program that will allow you to get your license or permit. Unlike traditional courses, the content is delivered over the internet. These classes can be video, audio, text, or a combination of all three. Generally, you’ll have to […]

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Whether you agree with certain legislation or not, it is imperative that you follow the laws of the land when you are carrying a weapon, particularly a concealed one. Penalties are generally very tough, though some do vary by state. Please note that even if you are against certain restrictions or regulations, there are ways […]

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Although there are a few Unrestricted or Constitutional Carry states, most are Shall-Issue or May-Issue. One of the main similarities between these states when it comes to concealed carry is that many require you to show competency with a handgun before you get your license. The most general way to prove your competency is to […]

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Below is a list of states that allow concealed carry. Remember: each state has different reciprocity agreements, meaning your permit or license may not be valid in some states. Click here to find out where you can carry a concealed weapon. Concealed Carry Permit Categories Unrestricted/Constitutional Carry – No permit is needed to carry a […]