Concealed Carry (CCW) Reciprocity

Conceal Carry Reciprocity is when a state legally recognizes another states’ concealed carry license, allowing the non-resident license-holder to carry concealed in the state being visited.

The license-holder must obey and abide by all laws of the state they are currently in. While this can be a handy resource when traveling, make sure you know the rules and laws of each state you will be carrying in, or else you could face harsh penalties.

As each state has a separate page to help you search better, you will find a particular state’s reciprocity on it’s CCW page on this site.

Pick your state, and at the bottom of the page, there will be a list of states that recognize your concealed carry license.

Please note that while we do attempt to stay accurate with up-to-date information, rules and legislation change all the time, so please check directly with your state’s issuing authority before traveling or assuming your license will be recognized.