Concealed Carry Belts

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When carrying a concealed weapon on your waist, utilizing either an Outside the WaistBand (OWB) holster or an Inside the WaistBand (IWB) holster, you must take concealed carry belts into consideration.

A belt is an integral part of your concealed carry outfit. It can be as important as your holster, because they work together to give you comfort and accessibility.

When looking for a gun belt, or a concealed carry belt, you’ll want to make sure that it is quite rigid.

One of the main purposes of your belt is to keep the holster rigid, which allows for a clean draw. This means that when you pull your firearm out of your holster, it does not catch or pull the holster with it, therefore impeding your ability to quickly and efficiently draw your gun.

An extra second or two could mean the difference between life and death if you need to pull your firearm, so having the extra rigidity of a specially designed belt is a very important.

Your belt might be 1.25″ thick, 1.5″ thick, or more. This allows for more rigidity and stability. Keep in mind, though that if your belt is too thick, it may become obvious to the casual observer that you are wearing a heavy duty belt to aid you in carry concealed. This is not a good thing if you are trying to hide the fact that you are carrying.

Concealed Carry BeltsThe other main objective of your belt is to distribute the weight of your weapon, along with any extra ammunition or accessories you are carrying. This is mainly a comfort issue, but comfort is a vital aspect of carrying concealed.

If your belt is sagging under the weight of your gun and holster, it will be uncomfortable. You will be fidgeting with it all day, pulling your pants up, and be generally distracted from the constant vigilance you should be exercising.

You must keep comfort to a maximum, especially when it also improves your concealment and accessibility.

When looking for a good gun belt, it should be a double thickness of leather.

Again, this can give your belt away to the casual observer, so make sure that the belt you purchase is not over-the-top in any way. Do your best to find an average sized belt, so that you can remain inconspicuous.

Pick a belt that you will wear. It must match your everyday clothing. If you usually wear a suit, make sure you pick a good dress belt that goes well with your clothes.

You can get strong casual belts, too, which you can wear if you normally dress in jeans, khakis, cargo pants, or shorts.

Too many people do not pay attention to their belt choice. You likely spent a lot of time and energy getting the right holster, so why not spend as much time getting the right belt?

If you’re smart, you’ll buy a concealed carry belt that is top quality and wear it everyday with your holster to get the most out of carrying concealed.

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