Concealed Carry Class in Indiana

Finding the right concealed carry class in Indiana is important.

They’re not required to get your license, but are a very good idea to take. Below we link to an article that goes over some important reasons for taking a CCW class, even if you aren’t required by law.

Name: Indiana License to Carry Handgun

Issuer: Indiana State Police

Type of State: Shall-Issue

Training Required? No, but click here to find out why you might want to take a class

Type of Training Accepted: N/A

Length of Training: N/A

Cost of Training: N/A

Notes: Applications can only be made online. This includes sending in fingerprints. Details, instructions, and the actual application can be found here.


States that honor or recognize the Indiana License to Carry Handgun

Alabama Alaska Arizona Arkansas
Colorado Florida Georgia Iowa
Kansas Kentucky Louisiana Michigan
Mississippi Missouri Montana New Hampshire
North Carolina North Dakota Oklahoma Pennsylvania
South Dakota Tennessee Texas Utah
Vermont Virginia Wisconsin Wyoming

Indiana honors or recognizes the following states’ concealed carry permits

Idaho honors all permits from other states.

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