Concealed Carry Class in Mississippi

You’ll need a concealed carry class in Mississippi if you want an Enhanced Permit, which allows you the ability to carry concealed in more places.

You can get a permit without training, but there are quite a few more restrictions than with an Enhanced Permit in MS.

It is probably a good idea to take training regardless of what permit you get, because carrying a firearm is an extremely important responsibility with terrible consequences for people who mess up because they are not adequately trained.

Name: Mississippi Firearms Permit

Issuer: Mississippi Department of Public Safety: Highway Patrol

Type of State: Shall-Issue

Training Required? No, but if you take additional training, you can be endorsed for an Enhanced Permit

Type of Training Accepted: Enhanced Permit Training – An instructional course in the safe handling and use of firearms offered by an instructor certified by a nationally recognized organization that customarily offers firearms training, or by any other organization approved by the Department of Public Safety.

You must take this Enhanced Permit course from a certified instructor.

Length of Training: 8-14 hours

Cost of Training: $75-$200 (prices vary, but this is a rough outline)

Notes: While you do not need to take a class to get a Mississippi Firearms Permit, there are a number of restricted areas where you can not carry concealed (Click here to find out where you can not carry – SEC. 45-9-101 (13)). By obtaining training, you can apply for an Enhanced Permit, which greatly reduces the number of areas where you can not carry concealed (even with an Enhanced Permit, you can not carry into various establishments and institutions, so be sure to check, as the AG recently gave opinions and changes to some of the relevant laws. If you are unsure, always contact your Issuing Authority for the rules).


States that honor or recognize the Mississippi Firearms Permit

Alabama Alaska Arizona Arkansas
Colorado Florida Georgia Idaho
Indiana Iowa Kansas Kentucky
Louisiana Michigan Mississippi Missouri
Montana New Hampshire New Mexico North Carolina
Oklahoma Pennsylvania South Dakota Tennessee
Texas Utah Vermont Virginia
Washington West Virginia Wyoming

Mississippi honors or recognizes the following states’ concealed carry permits

Mississippi honors permits from all other states.


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