Concealed Carry Class in North Dakota

North Dakota has a bit of a confusing system because there are multiple classes.

The short answer is that yes, you need a concealed carry class in North Dakota to get your License. However, the requirements differ for each Class of License. Read below to ensure you know the rules. If you are unsure of anything, ask your issuing authority to confirm.

Name: North Dakota Concealed Weapons License

Issuer: Attorney General

Type of State: Shall-Issue

Training Required? Yes, but Class 1 requirements differ from Class 2

Type of Training Accepted: Class 1 – A training class that goes over weapon safety rules and the deadly force law of North Dakota, where you will complete an open book test based upon a manual.
You will also need to complete a live-fire exercise to demonstrate proficiency.
You must demonstrate familiarity with a firearm or dangerous weapon and can do this by: being certified by the attorney general for familiarity with your firearm, including law enforcement officers, military or civilian firearms instructors, hunter safety instructor, or dangerous weapons instructor; showing evidence of equivalent experience with a firearm or dangerous weapon through participation in organized shooting competition, law enforcement, military service, or dangerous weapon course of training; possessing a license from another state to carry a firearm (concealed or otherwise), which is granted by a state upon completion of a course like the one described in this section; qualifying to operate a firearm or dangerous weapon during military service.

Class 2 – You must complete the open book test offered for the Class 1 license.

Length of Training: N/A – If you have information about how long a North Dakota Concealed Carry Class is, please contact us.

Cost of Training: $50 maximum

Notes: North Dakota changed to a 2-tier licensing system in 2011. The licenses are equally recognized in ND. For reciprocity purposes, however, Class 1 licenses are recognized by more states than Class 2 licenses, because of the tougher training requirements.

To renew a Class 1 license, you must complete the Class 1 requirements from your original application.

No training is required to renew a Class 2 license.

Click here to see an up-to-date list of certified instructors.


States that honor or recognize the North Dakota Concealed Weapons License (Class 1)

A = Full Reciprocity (no restrictions or conditions)
B = Class 1 Reciprocity Only
C = Restrictions on type of weapons that can be carried
D = Conditional Reciprocity – some restrictions may be imposed, such as age (check with the state)

Alabama – C Alaska – A Arizona – B Arkansas – B
Colorado – D Delaware – A Florida – D Georgia – A
Idaho – A Indiana – A Iowa – A Kansas – B
Kentucky – A Louisiana – A Maine – B Michigan – D
Mississippi – B Missouri – A Montana – A Nebraska – D
Nevada – B New Hampshire – D New Mexico – B North Carolina -D
Ohio – B Oklahoma – A Pennsylvania – A South Carolina – B
South Dakota – A Tennessee – A Texas – A Utah – A
Vermont – A Virginia – B Washington – B West Virginia – B
Wisconsin – D Wyoming – B

North Dakota honors or recognizes the following states’ concealed carry permits

Alabama Alaska Arizona Arkansas
Colorado Delaware Florida Georgia
Idaho Indiana Iowa Kansas
Kentucky Louisiana Maine Michigan
Missouri Montana Nebraska Nevada
New Hampshire New Mexico North Carolina Ohio
Oklahoma Pennsylvania South Carolina South Dakota
Tennessee Texas Utah Virginia
Washington West Virginia Wisconsin Wyoming

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