Concealed Carry Class in Oklahoma

Want to carry concealed in OK? Well, you’ll need to take a concealed carry class in Oklahoma if you want to get your License.

Go through the information below regarding training requirements and then make your decision to book a course as quick as you can to get started with your training.

Name: Oklahoma Concealed Weapon License

Issuer: Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation, through your Local Sheriff

Type of State: Shall-Issue

Training Required? Yes

Type of Training Accepted: Any firearms safety and training course provided by a Council on Law Enforcement Education and Training (CLEET) certified instructor that goes over the following: safety check of your firearm, instruction on pistol handling, safety and storage, dynamics of ammo and firing, methods or positions for firing a pistol, information about the criminal provisions of the Oklahoma law relating to firearms, the requirements of the Oklahoma Self-Defense Act as it relates to you, self-defense and the use of appropriate force, a practice shooting session and a familiarization course.

Firearms instructor training.

Being an active duty law enforcement officer of Oklahoma or the federal government.

Being a retired law enforcement officer authorized by the state to carry a firearm.

Being a CLEET-certified armed security officer, armed guard, correctional officer, or any other person having a CLEET certification to carry a firearm in the course of their employment.

Handgun training done as part of your active duty Military, National Guard or regular Military reserve training, if you are a legal resident of Oklahoma.

Handgun training done as part of your service if you have been honorably discharged from active Military duty, National Guard duty, or military reserves within the 20 years preceding your application, if you are a legal resident of Oklahoma.

Any other exemption whereby you are deemed qualified by CLEET.

*Even with an exemption, you may still have to take the classroom portion of the training. The cost of which shall be no more than $30.*

Length of Training: 8 hours maximum

Cost of Training: $60 maximum

Notes: You can choose whether to have a 5 year or 10 year license. A 10 year license costs twice as much as a 5 year license.

Click here for a list of certified instructors.


States that honor or recognize the Oklahoma Concealed Weapon License

Alabama Alaska Arizona Arkansas
Colorado Delaware Florida Georgia
Idaho Indiana Iowa Kansas
Kentucky Louisiana Michigan Minnesota
Mississippi Missouri Montana Nebraska
New Hampshire New Mexico North Carolina North Dakota
Ohio Pennsylvania South Carolina South Dakota
Tennessee Texas Utah Vermont
Virginia Washington West Virginia Wyoming

Oklahoma honors or recognizes the following states’ concealed carry permits

Oklahoma honors all permits from other states.

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