Concealed Carry Class in Rhode Island

Looking to take a concealed carry class in Rhode Island to get your Pistol Permit?

Find out the training requirements on this page and then make sure to book your class so that you can qualify to get your Permit.

Name: Rhode Island Pistol Permit

Issuer: Local Chief of Police or the Attorney General

Type of State: Shall-Issue (NOTE: At present, the Attorney General has succeeded in over-ruling local shall-issue processes. Until such time as he changes his mind or a new Attorney General is elected, the Attorney General issues permits, and not on a Shall-Issue basis)

Training Required? Yes

Type of Training Accepted: You must qualify on a range with a score of 195 or better out of a possible 300, with 30 rounds fired at 25 yards on the army “L” target, firing slow-fire. This means you get 10 minutes for each of 3 ten-shot strings.
You must obtain your certification of qualification from a range officer of the RI state police, the range officer of any city or town police department that maintains a regular/continuing firearms training program, a pistol instructor certified by the NRA and/or the US Revolver Association, or other qualified persons as the Attorney General may designate.

Length of Training: 30 minutes-2 hours

Cost of Training: $50-$150



States that honor or recognize the Rhode Island Pistol Permit

Alabama Alaska Arizona Arkansas
Idaho Indiana Iowa Kansas
Kentucky Michigan Mississippi Missouri
Nebraska North Carolina Oklahoma South Dakota
Tennessee Texas Utah Vermont

Rhode Island honors or recognizes the following states’ concealed carry permits

Rhode Island does not recognize permits or licenses from any other state.

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