How To Register for a Concealed Carry Class

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In many states, you will need to prove that you have the proper requirements when it comes to concealed carry training. In some states, military or police experience can be substituted for taking an actual course. Additionally, some states allow for the holder of a permit from another state to apply for a license or permit without taking additional training.

For most people, you will have to attend a concealed carry class or course when you apply for your concealed carry license or permit and take a refresher course each time you have to renew your license.

So, how do you register for a course?

You can use our state-by-state guide to get a look at some of the best courses available.

Generally, you must:

  1. Find a company that offers a concealed carry training course (or other acceptable and state-recognized course) in your area.
  2. Sign up either by phone, in person or online. Many companies are now allowing you to sign up online for pre-scheduled training dates.
  3. Make sure you have a gun and ammunition to use. If you do not, most companies allow you to rent one of their guns for your concealed carry class.
  4. Ensure you have appropriate dress and safety equipment, such as comfortable clothing, a ball cap, eye protection and ear protection.
  5. Get a copy of your concealed carry license application. The trainer will likely be able to help you fill this out, if necessary.
  6. Go to the course on the scheduled day and LISTEN! The trainer will have to sign you off as having successfully completed the course before you can submit your application.

Tip: Depending on your state, you may only be required to take classroom training to make sure you know the laws of the permit-issuing state. However, some states require that you take a more intense concealed carry class that involved time at the firing range. Even if you do not need to go to the firing range to obtain your license, go for the extra practice.

You are going to be carrying a concealed weapon – you can never know too much or be too careful. Your life and the life of your family may depend on your knowledge and skill.