What is Concealed Carry?

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Sometimes referred to as CCW (carrying a concealed weapon), concealed carry is when you hide or conceal the handgun or other weapon you are carrying. There are multiple ways to hide your weapon, but you must make sure that once it is hidden, you do not brandish it or let it be shown.

People carry concealed weapons for self-protection and the element of surprise. If you or your family are attacked, the attacker will not know that you have a gun at the ready.

First of all, you will have the advantage of a firearm for protection, but you will also shock the assailant, who thought you were an easy, unarmed target.

This is in contrast with open carry, when you have a firearm in public that is not concealed.

Some states allow for open carry, but the laws are much different for open carry than they are for concealed carry, so please make sure you know the laws of your state before you carry a firearm using either method.

Most states have laws allowing for carrying a concealed weapon, but many require you to get a permit, which means you will likely need to take a concealed carry class.

Click here to find out more about concealed carry classes in your state. This is important information, because not only is it vitally important that you are proficient in weapon usage, but most states require you to prove your proficiency with a firearm.

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