Why Taking a Concealed Carry Class is a Good Idea

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Although there are a few Unrestricted or Constitutional Carry states, most are Shall-Issue or May-Issue. One of the main similarities between these states when it comes to concealed carry is that many require you to show competency with a handgun before you get your license.

The most general way to prove your competency is to take a firearms training course. This could be a safety course, a training course, a shooting course, a military training course, or a law enforcement training course.

In many cases, you may be looking to get your license as fast as possible. You want to get in and out of the training requirement as quickly as possible, with as little effort as possible. If you take this approach, you are putting yourself at major risk of doing something illegal or of being useless with your firearm at the time you need it most.

Think about why you are getting a concealed carry license in the first place.

You want to carry concealed because it gives you a hand up if you or your family is threatened. If your life is in danger, you want that extra protection of knowing that you can use both your weapon and the element of surprise. You are very fortunate to be able to have this advantage. However, you can face extreme legal troubles if you exercise your right incorrectly. Even worse, you can put your life at risk or your families lives at risk if you can not adequately handle your firearm when the moment of need arrives.

Before you think of taking the basic, minimum requirement of training in your state, think about the consequences.

You might think the extra hours to take an advanced or in depth course is too long. You might think the extra cost associated with taking a longer or more hands on course is not worth it.

Is the time really too long when compared to the jail time you could face for carrying illegally? Is it really too long when compared to death?

The extra cost associated is an investment in your life. It is not a burden. You will be receiving top notch instruction that will make you very proficient with your weapon.

You should want to be the best you can be with your weapon. What good is it if you cannot quickly take it from it’s holster? It is useless if you fire an entire magazine and do not hit your attacker. That is a waste of time and money.

Take a moment to reflect on your need for a concealed carry class. You should realize just how serious this responsibility is. You should also realize that you owe it to yourself and others to be the absolute best you can be with your firearm.

Learn the laws of your state. Take the time to study them. Time and time again you hear stories of good people getting charged simply because of their ignorance. If your state prohibits drinking while carrying concealed, but you think the law prohibits being intoxicated, you could be in serious trouble. Know the laws, stay up to date on the laws, and have your instructor certify that you know those laws inside and out.

Learn how to safely load and unload your firearm. You may be a great shot, but if you don’t know how to load or unload your gun, what use is it after those rounds are spent?

Get the extra practice in at the range. Everyone can use more time with their tools. Think of any professional athlete. They get paid millions of dollars to play a sport that they love. They get paid that money because they are the best at what they do. Do you really think that they become good at their sport and stop training, because they have met the minimum requirements? Of course not. Why wouldn’t you apply the same logic to your concealed carry firearm? For the athlete, if they don’t train, they get cut and stop making the money. That’s too bad, but they’ll manage. For you, if you don’t train, you could be putting your life and your families lives in danger. Without the proper training, how is your gun going to protect you from the threat of death?

These consequences are just too serious to take firearm training lightly.

Take the extra few hours. Spend the extra couple hundred dollars. You will save countless hours and dollars in the future, and you may even save a life.

Find out what training requirement your state has. Go above and beyond what is required. Become the best.

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