Concealed Carry Class in Iowa

Taking a concealed carry class in Iowa is a good idea, not only because it’s a necessary requirement for your permit, but because you should always be training to ensure you are in top form with your weapon.

Read about the training requirements and important information regarding the Permit to Carry Weapons below.

Name: Iowa Permit to Carry Weapons

Issuer: Local Sheriff

Type of State: Shall-Issue

Training Required? Yes

Type of Training Accepted: Any NRA handgun safety course.

Any handgun safety course offered to the public by a law enforcement agency, community college, college, private or public institution or organization, or firearms training school, if it is taught by a certified instructor (NRA, Iowa Law Enforcement Academy).

A law or security enforcement handgun training class.

Completion of small arms training while in the US Armed Forces. This can be proven by a certificate of completion of basic training with a service record of successful completion of small arms training or qualification, or if you are released or retired from active-duty, you may prove this with an honorable discharge or general discharge under honorable conditions.

Length of Training: 1.5-4.5 hours

Cost of Training: $50-99

Notes: You will need to provide either a photocopy of your certificate of completion for any of the training methods outlined above, an affidavit from the instructor/school/organization/group that taught you the course stating that you completed the course, or a photocopy of a DD Form 214 (or other documentation) showing honorable or general discharge under honorable conditions from military service.

You must take training again before renewing your license, but can accomplish this on the range under the supervision of a certified instructor.

Iowa accepts online training such as an Introduction to Pistol Safety class.


States that honor or recognize the Iowa Permit to Carry Weapons

Alabama Alaska Arizona Arkansas
Colorado Florida Georgia Idaho
Indiana Kansas Kentucky Louisiana
Michigan Mississippi Missouri Montana
Nebraska New Hampshire North Carolina North Dakota
Oklahoma Pennsylvania South Dakota Tennessee
Texas Utah Vermont West Virginia
Wisconsin Wyoming

Iowa honors or recognizes the following states’ concealed carry permits

Iowa honors all permits from other states.

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