Concealed Weapons Permit

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What is a concealed weapons permit?

A concealed weapons permit (sometimes called something else, like a concealed handgun permit, a license to carry a concealed weapon, etc.) is a permit or license that is issued to you by your state that allows you to legally carry a concealed weapon.

While there are a few states in which you can carry concealed without a permit, the majority of states require you to get one of these to stay on the right side of the law.

How do I get a concealed weapons permit?

This depends largely on your state.

A ‘typical’ state will make you fill out an application, provide finger prints, undergo a background check, take a firearms safety training course, and pay a fee.

You’ll have to check with your local issuing authority (usually your local sheriff, chief of police, or attorney general) to get the laws for your state.

In most states, as mentioned, you’ll need to take a concealed carry class. To find out more about the training laws in your state, click here to find your state.

A .460 S&W with a K40 Kahr

A .460 S&W with a K40 Kahr

Why get a concealed weapons permit?

This is a very personal question. Most people get a permit or license for self-defense.

If your state allows it, you may feel more safe and in control of any situation if you are allowed to carry a weapon. While some states allow for open-carry (not having to conceal your firearm when carrying it), some people still prefer to carry concealed.

CCW (carrying a concealed weapon) gives you the element of surprise in a moment of danger. If you are assaulted or if you are in a place of business that is ‘held up’, you will have a great advantage if the perpetrator does not know nor think you have a gun. With your sharp skills (maintained through constant training and classes) and your concealed firearm, you may be able to save many lives, including your own and your family’s.

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