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To safely, legally and effectively carry a concealed weapon, you must have the proper clothing. Remember that you can be charged with brandishing if someone sees your firearm, when it is supposed to be concealed. Because of this, you will need clothing that fits over your gun and conceals it, without being too obvious.

While it is not necessary to buy specific concealed carry clothing, there are some very good, helpful pieces available that are specifically designed with CCW in mind. This means that if you get a piece of clothing like this, you will discover that your gun will be concealed easily, and you will likely come across great extras such as useful pockets.

When you go about buying the best concealed carry clothing for your needs, remember that it needs to Conceal, be Comfortable and

Concealed Carry Shirts, Jackets and Coats

Concealed Carry Clothes

Now, many people use a standard holster, either inside or outside the waistband, to carry their weapon. If you do this, basically all you need to do is ensure that your top-level shirt is big enough and loose enough to conceal your weapon without printing.

Whether you need a tucked in shirt or not will depend on whether you carry inside or outside the waistband, obviously. If you cannot leave your shirt untucked, you must consider a jacket of some sort. A suit jacket or blazer works well if you are in a business or business-casual situation. If it’s cold out, your fall or winter jacket will likely suffice.

If you are wearing a top layer, such as a jacket, make sure that you keep it done up and wear it all the time, or you could risk showing your firearm.

Concealed Carry Pants

There are a few things you must consider for your pants when carrying concealed.

What kind of holster are you using? Inside the waistband? Make sure you can fit your holster and weapon comfortable and make sure it is accessible. Ankle holster? Make sure that your pant leg is wide enough to accommodate it.

If you’re not using a holster, and are carrying in a pocket, which some people do, make extra sure that you can comfortably fit your gun and access it. It can’t move around a lot, print, or have the slightest possibility of falling out.

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Concealed Carry Clothing for Women

Women, are you carrying using a thigh holster? Make sure your skirt or dress comes down low enough to cover your holster and firearm.

You can also consider a fanny pack or a purse to carry your concealed weapon. While this is a very good way to conceal your weapon, you must make sure that you do not let your handbag get away from your person. Keep it on you at all times. Be very aware of any situation where you might be a target for a thief – you do not want to have your purse stolen with a gun in it.

There are female-specific shirts that have holsters built-in.

Women also have the option of using a concealed carry bra holster. There are multiple styles, but basically your gun fits securely in your bra. This method is very concealed (if used correctly) and can usually be accessed easily and with a great element of surprise.

Concealed Carry or Photographer’s Vests

Vests are great for concealing your firearm, because they go overtop of your shirt, meaning you can conceal in various places. They also have many pockets for things such as extra ammunition, keys, tactical gear, etc.

Although some people say that if you are wearing a photographer’s vest, you are announcing to the world that you are carrying concealed, this really is not the case. Many people wear vests, and unless you are fidgeting with your firearm under the vest, or accidentally spill a magazine, you will not be discovered.

If this might fit your style, then view some of the best photographer’s vests.

Concealed Carry Belts

Click here to go to our page on Concealed Carry Belts.

Holster Shirt

Holster shirts are tight-fitting shirts, typically in t-shirt style, that have a pouch or two to safely and securely holster your firearm and other accessories (such as ammunition).

The pouch will be under your arm and contain elastic, for a snug fit. This way, your equipment won’t come loose, it will stay comfortably in place, yet it will still be fairly easy to access.

This type of shirt is good for wearing underneath a baggier shirt or jacket. Because the weapon sits under your arm and is held closely to your body, there are limited chances for it to print, meaning you should not run into concealment problems.

A downside to this shirt could be the slight extra time and effort it would take to reach under your ‘over shirt’ to obtain your concealed weapon. If you are wearing a button up shirt, this could take a number of seconds and be awkward.

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Concealed Carry Purse

A concealed carry purse (or handbag) is one method for a female to carry concealed. Typically, these will look like normal purses, but have specific compartments that are designed for firearms and related accessories.

You will usually find an easily accessible zipper compartment on the outside of the purse that comfortably carries most firearms. There will have been specific precautions taken to ensure that printing does not occur, especially if the purse utilizes this outer pocket.

While very good for concealment and comfort, one must be especially careful with a conceal carry purse.

Purses and all other off-body carry devices (think any sort of bag or coat that you may take off and leave beside you for any reason) have an inherent risk of leaving them behind.

While you may scoff and think that you would never do this, all it takes is one moment of forgetfulness and you could be facing serious consequences.

It would be bad enough if law enforcement found your purse and gun just lying around, but imagine if a criminal or even a child got a hold of your forgotten bag. So, if you are going to use a concealed carry purse, make absolutely sure that you do not leave it lying around anywhere unattended or forgotten.

Additionally, purses are a high-value target for thieves and pickpockets. Take as many precautions as you possibly can to make sure your bag doesn’t look like a target.

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Tactical Shirts

Tactical shirts are great if you’re active, enjoy hunting, are a general outdoorsman, do any sort of handiwork, or just enjoy the utility of having a great shirt.

They typically are made of very durable fabric, have numerous pockets to secure all sorts of accessories, and contain great features like great ventilation and being water repellant.

Basically, long sleeve or short sleeve tactical shirts are great for just about anything, and would go well as part of your concealed carry outfit – especially if they are a more traditional fit, which gives you a bit more room.

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