Concealed Carry Class in Massachusetts

You do indeed have to take a concealed carry class or course in Massachusetts to get your license to carry.

This means you need to know the training requirements, which we’ve listed below.

Read through them and be sure to book yourself into a training program as soon as possible.

Name: Massachusetts License to Carry (Class A)

Issuer: Police Chief or State Police (for non-residents, contact the Firearms Record Bureau)

Type of State: May-Issue

Training Required? Yes

Type of Training Accepted: Basic Firearm Safety Certification that teaches the safe use, handling and storage of firearms, methods for securing and childproofing firearms, applicable laws relating to firearms, and knowledge of operation, potential dangers and basic competency in ownership and usage of firearms. This training must be taken within the year leading up to your application.

A hunting safety course, with a certificate issued by the division of fisheries and wildlife.

*Note: The Department of Public Safety posts a list of Approved Basic Firearms Safety Courses. Below you can find the list, updated as of June 19 2012.

L.T.C. Basic Firearms Safety Courses Certification #
Massachusetts Chiefs of Police Association Basic Handgun Safety Course LTC-001
NRA Basic Pistol Course LTC-002
NRA Personal Protection Course LTC-003
SIG Arms Academy Handgun Orientation Course LTC-004
Smith & Wesson Academy Massachusetts Carry Permit Course LTC-005
MCJTC Recruit Firearms Training Course LTC-006
*NRA Home Safety Course LTC-007
Worcester Police Department Firearms Responsibility and Safety Program LTC-008
Mass Sheriffs’Association’s Firearms Safety & Handling Course LTC-009
B.F.S.I. Handgun Safety Course LTC-010
Massachusetts State Police Recruit Firearms Training Program LTC-011
SIG Arms Concealed Carry Pistol Course LTC-012
USPSA Safe Handgun Competitor – MA Edition Firearms Course LTC-013
CQB Arms LTC Course LTC-014
The Andover Police Department’s Basic Firearms Safety Course LTC-015
The MagPro Basic Firearms Safety Course LTC-016
Massachusetts Certified Basic Pistol Course LTC-017
CCW Point Blank Course LTC-018
The Liberal Gun Club LTC-019
Massachusetts Pistol License Course LTC-020
SG Tactical LLC Firearm Safety Course LTC-021
MPTC Reserve Officer Firearms Training LTC-022

If authorized by a competent authority to carry or possess a weapon while acting within the scope of your duties, any officers, agent or employee of the commonwealth or any state of the US, any member of the military or other service of any state or of the US, or any duly authorized law enforcement officer, agent or employee of any municipality of the commonwealth does not have to undertake additional training.

Length of Training: 4 hours

Cost of Training: $100

Notes: Massachusetts offers Class A and Class B licenses, but only a Class A allows you to carry concealed.

Click here for a list of approved instructors in Massachusetts. This list includes all certified instructors who have given permission for their name to appear.


States that honor or recognize the Massachusetts License to Carry (Class A)

Alabama Alaska Arizona Arkansas
Idaho Indiana Iowa Kansas
Kentucky Michigan Mississippi Missouri
Montana North Carolina Oklahoma South Dakota
Tennessee Texas Utah Vermont

Massachusetts honors or recognizes the following states’ concealed carry permits

Massachusetts does not recognize permits or licenses from any other state.

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