Concealed Carry Class in New Jersey

The law states that you do need to take a concealed carry class in New Jersey, but good luck getting a License.

NJ is very restrictive and allows very few concealed carry licenses to be issued. However, it’s never a bad idea to take training, so even if you cannot get a license, it may be helpful for you to take the training to ensure you are up to par in all disciplines.

Name: New Jersey License to Carry a Firearm Concealed

Issuer: Chief of Police (in the municipality wherein you reside) or Superintendent of State Police if you are not in a municipality

Type of State: May-Issue

Training Required? Yes

Type of Training Accepted: A firearms training class substantially equivalent to the firearms training approved by the Police Training Commission.

Handgun qualification scores (using the handgun you intend to carry), evidenced by test firings administered by a certified firearms instructor of a police academy, the NRA, or any other recognized certified firearms instructor.

Passage of a test in New Jersey’s laws governing the use of force, administered by a certified instructor of a police academy, the NRA, or any other recognized certified instructor.

Length of Training: 8-10 hours

Cost of Training: $120 (prices vary, but this is a rough outline)

Notes: It is incredibly difficult to get a license in New Jersey. The law is very restrictive and courts have upheld a policy of limiting permits “to persons specifically employed in security work…and to others who can establish an urgent necessity for carrying guns for self-protection.”

You must take additional training to renew your license.


States that honor or recognize the New Jersey License to Carry a Firearm Concealed

Alabama Alaska Arizona Arkansas
Idaho Indiana Iowa Kansas
Kentucky Michigan Mississippi Missouri
Montana Nebraska North Carolina Oklahoma
South Dakota Tennessee Texas Utah

New Jersey honors or recognizes the following states’ concealed carry permits

New Jersey does not recognize permits or licenses from any other state.

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