Will a Concealed Carry Class Help Me Get My Permit?

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To get a permit or license to carry a concealed weapon, you should be taking a concealed carry class. Although a few states do not require you to take a course, it is advisable that you do register for and take a course.

  1. You are likely required by law to pass a firearms safety course to get your license or permit, and…
  2. Don’t you want to take advantage of every opportunity to improve your skills with your firearm?

Before we talk about the legal aspects of taking a course, let’s quickly go over the second point listed above.

You’re likely getting a license or permit to carry a concealed weapon because you want to protect yourself and your family. We have all heard the terrible stories of people being killed in places where they are not allowed to carry guns.

Why would you take the chance, when a madman could show up at any moment? If you carry a concealed weapon, you’ll feel safer, you’ll be more in control, and you could help save lives.

You’ve likely heard this before: with power comes responsibility. This is definitely the case when it comes to concealed carry. You are in possession of a firearm that could save your life – or take the life of another, if you’re not careful.

You owe it to yourself, your family, and your community to be the best you can possibly be when it comes to using your weapon. Unless you are a trained and expert marksman, you could likely use the extra knowledge and practice that a concealed carry class gives you.

While it may seem silly that you need to improve when you are already great with your gun, remember – even professional athletes practice what they do every week. There’s no doubt you’re getting your license for a great reason and that you are already very handy with your weapon. However, why wouldn’t you want to continue to improve to protect yourself and your family?

You should, then, be open and willing to taking a concealed carry class for your own reasons. In some states, where you are not required to take a class, this is good news, because you’ll likely make a good decision and take the chance to gain even more knowledge and skill.

However, in many states it does not matter whether you want to take a class or not. Most states have a provision in their concealed carry legislation that a person applying for a permit or license must take a class either to learn the laws of the states or to prove proficiency with a firearm.

Whether you take a class for your own reasons or just because you have to, go into it with a good attitude. You’ll learn the laws of your state, likely get to practice using your firearm, and fully meet the requirements of your state. Cover your bases and be prepared before you get your license, because once you get it and start carrying your concealed weapon, you’ll always need to be prepared and stay vigilant.

The basic answer is: Yes, taking a concealed carry class will help you get your permit, either by satisfying state law, or by ensuring that you know the rules and that you know how to carry concealed. Remember, it is usually a serious offence to ‘brandish’ your weapon in public when you are carrying concealed.