Concealed Carry Methods

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So, how do you conceal your weapon?

Remember: Allowing your weapon to be seen is called “brandishing”, and depending on your location, is likely illegal. When you carry a concealed weapon, you must make sure you take all precautions so that you can comfortably conceal your weapon without risking it being seen.

There are multiple ways to carry a concealed weapon. How you conceal your weapon is up to you and will be based on a number of factors, such as clothing, climate, work situation, ease of access, etc.

Conventional Belt Holster

Conventional Belt Holsters are among the most widely recommended methods of concealing your weapon.

Inside-the-pants holsters, external holsters, shoulder holsters and small of the back holsters are all recommended at various times.


  • Easy
  • Functional
  • Easily hid under a jacket or loose piece of clothing
  • Ideal for a fast draw


  • Can not generally be worn with a t-shirt or other tight fitting clothing because it will more easily print
  • Easily exposed if jacket or loose piece of clothing removed
  • Can be uncomfortable when sitting

Fanny Pack

There are large and small fanny packs specifically designed to hold a concealed gun.  It is usual for concealed carry fanny packs to come with multiple compartments for extra magazines, flashlights, etc.


  • Does not interfere in everyday activities
  • Completely independent of clothing (you don’t need to wear a jacket or loose piece of clothing to conceal it)
  • Easy to use and remember, as it is attached to your person
  • Blend in with others who carry fanny packs for personal use


  • Does not go with formal dress (suit, dress, etc.)
  • People carrying concealed weapons, knowledgeable civilians, or police officers might recognize your concealed carry fanny pack for what it is

Day Pack/Back pack

If you want to carry and conceal a larger gun, or just want the extra storage, a day pack or back pack is another option to carry your concealed weapon.


  • Extra storage
  • Easy to carry
  • Very discreet


  • Poor accessibility
  • Must take it off to sit down or perform some activities

Purse and Shoulder Bag or Briefcase

Women can carry concealed weapons in their purses, and everyone can conceal a weapon in a shoulder bag or briefcase. Specific concealed carry models are available.


  • Can be worn with formal dress (suit, dress, etc.)
  • Discreet
  • Extra storage


  • Target for thieves (purses specifically)
  • Can be put down and forgotten

Thigh Holster (Women)

When wearing a dress or skirt, women may opt for a thigh holster.


  • Very discreet
  • Can be worn with formal dress


  • Must be aware of the height of your hem when sitting down so it does not ride up
  • Take care when sitting to keep legs tightly together

Ankle Holster

For small concealed carry weapons, an ankle holster can be worn, especially with boots.


  • Very discreet with boots or loose pants
  • Light and out of the way


  • Awkward access
  • Cannot wear with tight pants or short pants

Photographer’s Vest

A very functional piece with many storage options, a photographer’s vest can be worn for concealed carry.


  • Large, secure pockets
  • Lots of storage
  • Lightweight


  • Does not go with formal dress (suit, dress, etc.)
  • People carrying concealed weapons, knowledgeable civilians, or police officers might recognize your concealed carry photographer’s vest for what it is

Holster Shirt

Holster your compact handgun in your shirt with a holster shirt.


  • Lightweight
  • Easy to wear
  • Very discreet


  • Poor accessibility (must unbutton or open your top/outer shirt to access your gun)


If your gun is small enough, you may be able to fit it inside of your pocket. It is easier to fit inside of a jacket pocket, but you may also be able to use a cargo pant pocket or something similar.


  • Easily accessible
  • Can be discreet


  • If you are using a jacket pocket, you can leave it behind
  • Can only fit fairly compact weapons in an average pocket
  • May be unbalanced unless you carry extra magazines in another pocket


There are many other ways to conceal your weapon, but you must remember that the number one goal is to keep your weapon out of sight and hidden. Below are some unconventional concealed carry solutions, mostly for very small weapons.

  • Change purse
  • Specialty accessories (belt buckles, wallets, holster grips)
  • Belt pouch
  • Hollowed out book
  • Paper bag
  • Cigarette case
  • Camera case
  • Package
  • Bra

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