Consequences of Carrying a Concealed Weapon Illegally

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Whether you agree with certain legislation or not, it is imperative that you follow the laws of the land when you are carrying a weapon, particularly a concealed one. Penalties are generally very tough, though some do vary by state.

Please note that even if you are against certain restrictions or regulations, there are ways to take action. Join an activist group and get involved. Do not break the rules to make a point, you are simply putting your own gun-carrying future in jeopardy and making law abiding gun owners look bad.

Naturally, if you feel blatantly wronged in any way by the law, and are being punished for something you did not do or that the law does not prohibit, do what you need to do legally to seek justice.

Personal vendettas and justice out of the way, please follow all laws related to concealed carry.

Step one in your lawful quest to carry concealed is to know the laws. Check out some of the relevant laws for your state here but make sure you check directly with your state authority to get the most accurate and up to date legal answers. (While we check for the most up to date information, we do not guarantee any information is accurate.) Use common sense and check directly with your state.

If you know the laws of the land, respect them!

Most importantly, concealed means concealed. If you have got a concealed carry license and are carrying a concealed weapon, printing is not good. Having any part of your firearm visible is not good.

From time to time, you hear about people breaking the law by brandishing, even if it’s just a print or a lifted shirt that reveals your gun.

You’ll also hear about people who had a bit to drink while carrying concealed, because they thought the law forbids being drunk, rather than drinking. Please pay attention to the laws in your state, because you will likely find that it is illegal to consume any alcohol while you have a concealed weapon on you.

So, what kind of penalties are you looking at if you break the law?

Illegal carrying is a felony in most states, so if you are convicted of something related to the illegal carry of your firearm, you will lose your gun rights for life.

There are many violations of law regarding concealed carry, so make sure you know all the laws. Here are some of the consequences of being convicted:

  • Fines
  • Jail Time
  • Loss of Voting Rights
  • Passport Cancellation
  • Permit Revocation
  • Weapon Destroyed

As you can see, you don’t want to be found guilty of any sort of firearm related illegality.

There are many reasons you may need to take a concealed carry class, and this is certainly one of them. Your course will likely be required to teach you all about your state’s laws. Pay particular attention to this part of the class and stay up to date. Legislation changes all the time and it is up to you to stay current.

Tough penalties can be given for illegally carrying your weapon, especially carrying concealed illegally. Don’t take any risks. Know the laws. If you aren’t sure if something is illegal, check with your state or county before you go through with it. You could be risking your future safety or even be thrown in jail.

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